ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 20:03:46 IST 2007

Somebody (a friend) handed me a Dlink wireless modem/router G604T
because he was facing some problems with it.

I downloaded the userguide and installed it directly on DataOne link
from BSNL.  Gave username and password, and correct VCI setting and
grrrrreat everything works purrrfect.  Nothing much required on Linux
Laptop.  I just had to ask it to automatically pick IP address of DHCP
server of Wireless modem.

So based on this limited experience (my first) I can say there is no
problem atleast configuring G604T for BSNL link.  It has both ethernet
and wireless capability.  This one is an old model I believe...

Hope this help...

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