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Pritesh Thakur preetul_comptrix at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 18 12:04:10 IST 2007

It stands for assembler output. Its a default executable file generated by gcc if you don t specify the name of the output file while compiling using gcc. to specify name of the output file option used is -o.
let hello.c is your source file
$gcc -o hello -Wall hello.c
in this hello is the name of output file and cmd to execute it is
if u don t specify it i.e
$gcc -Wall hello.c
then a.out will be your output file.

Vinayakk Merwade <nayak0986 at gmail.com> wrote: Hi
Does any one know what is the meaning of a.out file created after the
compilation of c,c++ program
does a has any fullform
urgently required

thanking you
vinayakk merwade
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