[PLUG] Cheat Sheet / Quick Start Guide

Roshan d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 18 19:20:32 IST 2007

--- Devendra Laulkar wrote:

> Its now a 2 page flyer, A4 sheet printed on both
> sides.
> One side contains basic information, second one
> contains the application
> list.
> Files :-
> http://www.laulkar.com/files/flyer.odt
> http://www.laulkar.com/files/flyer.pdf
> http://www.laulkar.com/files/flyer.sxw

Development section is a bit ambiguous. TCC ?(you
mean, Turbo C / C++ 3.0? ) If yes, it is an IDE and
therefore, could be included with Visual Studio.

If you mean, tcc compiler (which I doubt, anyone would
use on the command line) then, please specificy tcc

Under editors, Kate and KWrite are nearly the same, so
you could add gEdit instead of KWrite. 


s / scream / screem 
s / File downloading / Download Managers

BlueFish, NVU could also be mentioned, in Web
Development tools. 


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