[PLUG] Kingfisher - linux

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 12:08:34 IST 2007

> On a related line Singapore airline is also using linux based
> inflight systems, and their newest systems let you run openoffice
> with a usb keyboard/mouse you can purchase in flight.

So is Virgin Atlantic from what I recall they developed the app. in 
house.  Unfortunately, don't have the link to the article.

Biz are realizing the cost of software.  For a similar app. on Windows 
CE (or whatever it is called now), the airline would have to pay lic. 
per passenger seat plus for the server.

The Linux solution: development cost (once), software deployment cost 
(lic.) to all their aircrafts close to $0.

-- Arun Khan

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