[PLUG] PLUG participation @ IT Expo

Devendra Laulkar devendra at laulkar.com
Tue Dec 25 18:41:42 IST 2007

Hello all,

IT expo 2008 was held between 20th-23rd Dec. PLUG had a stall at this
expo. Few pictures :-

PLUG has been participating in this event for several years now. Overall
awareness level about Linux & FOSS has definitely increased, though we
still had people asking the price of the computer & challenging us for
selling "pirated" software :)
One exhibitor commented - "ye PLUG wale sabko ullu bana rahe hai.
Internet par free software bhech rahe hai." 

I would like to thank some people for their contribution to this event,
without whom it would not have been possible to participate in the Expo.

CMDA for providing us space @ the IT Expo 2007.

People from Sarvangin Vikas Sanstha - Anand Kulkarni, Amit & Mr Waghmare
for helping us out all four days.
Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana and Dexter for providing the computers to be
put up on the stall. Manjusha for providing her laptop for the seminars.

Shantanu Oak, Aditya Godbole, Harshad, Karunakar, Sudhanwa, Manjusha
Joshi, Dexter and other pluggies for helping out @ the stall.

Sudhanwa & Dexter for overall logistics, burning of cd's and for their
seminars. CDAC Mumbai for providing BOSS cd's.

Devendra Laulkar.

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