[PLUG] Alarm functionality through google calendar?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed Dec 26 20:43:29 IST 2007


Wondering whether I can get a kalarm-like alarm reminder functionality (rather 
than korganizer-like calendar functionality for appointments etc) through 
google calendar.

I tried importing kalarm's ical file on to google. But it converts it into 
regular calendar appointments.

What exactly I need:

I'd expect to receive SMS alerts for the alarm events. I'd also like them to 
pop up when I login to the service from a computer. Pop ups should be such 
that I can close the ones I acted upon while reschedule / postpone the ones 
not acted upon.

If kalarm was to act as a front end while storing data on google, it would 
meet my requirement exactly. Not sure whether this is already possible. 
(Closest to this I saw was evolution calendar which seems to act as a 
read-only front end to google calendar.)

PS: A few days back there were posts about google calendar SMS service not 
working with Idea cellular phones. I tried registering it on an Idea phone 
and it worked fine.


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