[PLUG] Linux based phones.

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 17:28:49 IST 2007

> Since long time back I am looking out for Linux-based cellphones/PDA
> devices
> but their high prising discouraged me all the time, what's the situation
> now?

MotoMing is available around 10500

Also can we hack/customize the embedded OS inside it as per the need?

You can put variety of non-official firmware. You can tweak it with
something called RadioComm
You can telnet into the phone (Isn't that cool ?)
Some people have also 'dual booted' the phone, but not something that
everyone will be able to do.

Please refer to link I sent earlier. (motorola fans) You'll get pretty clear

Do let us know which one you end up buying, and your experience with

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