[PLUG] Problem with PCQuest Fedora Core 6 DVD...Cant install.

Hari Govardhanam harigov at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 06:49:05 IST 2007


> > hi all,
> >            Hay i am a nobie in linux, i'm facing a problem, i bought
> > PCQuest edition in december having free FC6 DVD, but that DVD didnt work ,
> > the setup crashed meanwhile saying "cant copy some openoffice.org.cab file
> > from media"

Just unselect openoffice software, when choosing software, and then
proceed your installation.

> >             Do anyone have same problem? kindly help me... I want to
> > switch to FC6 cause my motherbopard onboard sound card is not supported by
> > FC2 that currently i'm using, otherwise tell me how to install my
> > motherboard drivers on FC2, my motherboard is Intel D915 GAV, with intel
> > 3.00 GHz HT processor,

Actually, most sound cards are supported, but are not detected by
default. You have to run "setup" command and let the software detect
the sound card. It works in most cases.

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