[PLUG] Confirmation: PLUG meeting for January 2007

Henry J. Cobb hcobb at io.com
Thu Jan 4 23:50:38 IST 2007

OK,sounds like enough people are interested in this Linux telephony stuff
so here's the schedule.

Noon Sunday: Go to South Main road in Koregaon Park then turn south at
lane five and half a block south on the right is the Green Terraces

Go up to the fifth floor and ask for me.  If the security guard gives you
any hassles then call my cellphone:  (91) 9860293762

Inside I'll show you how my Linux laptop softphone connects to the Linux
PBX via SIP to get bundled into a IAX channel and what that means for

Afterwards we'll walk out to North Main Road (Indiyaki is closed) for
lunch on my tab.  Most likely at Pizza Corner or someplace else cheap if
I'm paying for a bunch of people.

Henry J. Cobb

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