[PLUG] some clarifications on GPL

Atul Nene atul.nene at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 12:47:38 IST 2007

Hi Yagnesh,

On 1/9/07, Yagnesh Desai <ynd at lntenc.com> wrote:
> Mr Atul;
> Any reason that your are not using the GPL text
> provided at gnu.org. It also says how to frame
> the GPL.

If I understand you correctly, you are asking me why I did not use the
GPL text to answer Nilesh's question about GPL. That is because one
doesn't use a definition to explain that same definition. That is
because it generally turns out to be unhelpful.

> Is there anything which your want different from
> the popular GPL?

I do not understand this question. If you kindly explain/rephrase, I
will attempt to answer.

Atul Nene (atul dot nene at gmail dot com)

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