[PLUG] Fedora Core 4 on Intel 946GZ

Varun Mehta bambambhole at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 13:09:33 IST 2007

Generally Fedora does not pick up Broadcom NIC you need to manually
install the drivers, they are mostly available on the website.

Varun Mehta

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On 12/01/07, Arun Tomar <susedevel at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am struggling with the installation of Fedora Core 4 on an IBM
> > ThinkCentre A55 machine. The machine uses Intel 946GZ chipset, Intel
> > Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 and Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet card. The
> > installation procedure fails to configure the X. It also fails to load the
> > network card drivers(lspci shows the network card in it's output). Using
> > the modprobe command to load the tg3 module doesn't help as well. The
> > module gets loaded but the network card is not detected. Searched a lot on
> > the internet, but none of the docs helped. Has anybody installed FC4 on
> > such a machine?  Will the installation of FC5 help (I don't have the FC5
> > CDS though)?
> >
> FC5 is pretty slow. try to install FC6. it should work. or install suse 10.2.
> what is the error msg while configuring X?  regarding ur nic card, i think the
> driver for that is bg103 or some version . check that out from the list of
> drivers while configuring it. in the list of drivers is shows the driver name
> & in bracket ( ) shows the company which it supports.
> arun.
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