[PLUG] [BSNL] Trouble with configuring BSNL connection

Aneesh Mulye aneesh.mulye at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 17:34:25 IST 2007

My brother subscribed to BSNL broadband. The person in charge installed a
SmartAX MT882 modem. It is connected to the computer via an ethernet cable,
and not a USB cable.

I installed Fedora Zod and Ubuntu Edgy on his comp, because he wanted it.

Now in Fedora Zod, I can configure the device perfectly, by simply bringing
up a second connection which is used as ppp over the ethernet connection of
the first. But I don't know how to configure an ADSL connection in Ubuntu.
It just shows the ethernet connection, but does not allow me to add to that,
or to set up an ADSL connection.

How should I configure an ADSL connection in Ubuntu?

I'm perfectly familiar with the command-line, so I'll have no problem in
manually editing config files or in using command-line tools to get the
connection working.

Thanks in advance.

-Aneesh Mulye

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