[PLUG] Query regarding installation

Anant Narayanan anant at kix.in
Tue Jan 23 23:35:50 IST 2007

Hi Vinayak,

> 1) I would like to know that whether I have format my disk for this
> reason ?

You won't have to format your disk; but you'll have to create a new
partition to install Linux in.

> 2) I want make dual boot i.e. both dos and Linux

Sure you can. Although I think you mean Windows and Linux ;)

> 3) Or without harming the earlier installation can I do the same?


> 4) I have 80gb hdd, I can keep 10-15 gb free for linux installation
> (as my main work is on widows platform but due to other work i have to use
> linux)

10-15GB is good enough for most distros with a decent set of packages.
There are several tools that can help you create new partitions with
free space on your hard disk. I'd recommend using a Linux Live CD with
GNU Parted to do it; but you can use ParitionMagic or something similar
in Windows too.

There are several tutorials to get a dual-boot system up and running; do
a Google search and you should be fine.



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