[PLUG] Query regarding installation

Yagnesh Desai ynd at lntenc.com
Wed Jan 24 10:31:16 IST 2007

>First of all I wish you a belated new year greetings .
Happy new year to you too
>I'm going to install Linux in my system .
>1) I would like to know that whether I have format my disk for this reason
ans. Depends,
   1. You do not have to format if you already have a partition
of 5+GB which you can clean to install Linux.
   2. While as I know Ubunutu/MEPIS comes with a partition tool (QTPARTED)
which can
also resize your existing partition if it is FAT32. This has limitation in
the disk space on NTFS partition and also might not create the 6GB disk
   3. If what you want to do on linux is known then there are liveCD which
boot from CD and give linux environment for working. (512RAM recommended)
you do not have to touch the Hard Disk.
   4. If you are really needing Linux from HDD then it is better to decide

>2) I want make dual boot i.e. both dos and Linux
ans. Now a days all the linux installation does comes with the setup which
detact the Windows installation and make the PC multiboot.
Caution windows have to be installed first.

>3) Or without harming the earlier installation can I do the same?
ans. Refer point 1, 2 & 3 in first answer.

>4) I have 80gb hdd, I can keep 10-15 gb free for linux installation
>(as my main work is on widows platform but due to other work i have to use
Space you have is enough for linux but if you clarify what do you want
out of linux.

>I need your help!
Any time my dear friend.

>Vinayak Merwade.

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