[PLUG] public_html i.e mod_userdir -- how to make it work in Suse10.2

Gaurav Pant gauravggs at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 09:32:10 IST 2007


Recently i installed Suse10.2 (64bit),  I use PHP and prefer to keep stuff
under my home dir. instead of the standard document root.
For this one has to configure Apache to use mod_userdir.so,  this should be
working out of the box but does not. even though all the modules are

The problem got solved after few minutes of searching on the net,

this is what has to be added to your

UserDir "public_html"
Include /etc/apache2/mod_userdir.conf

this info was found at the following link --

Hope this is helpful to people !!!

Gaurav Pant (aka Dexter)

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