[PLUG] Support for a Linux NGO

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 11:55:36 IST 2007

it's not very difficult to send CDs or Linux DVDs i guess... but
helping financially is not advisable across the national boundaries.
Because it kills the basic purpose of standing on your own and
developing your own ecosystem. Usually it is good idea to raise your
own finances by doing the basic hardwork by actually helping needy
people, with Linux if *you* think it's spread is good for benefits of
local population.  Technical help in the form of problem solving is
better way to help than any other kind.

Basic approach that works best is... if you somewhat know Linux and
are actually using it for a good (what is good for you may not
necessarily be good for person 10000 nautical miles from you and
perceptions can be illusions), then try educating another interested
person learn it.  pass on all the knowledge you have of Linux to that
person, guide and help wherever necessary.  That way you would create
another independant resource of Linux.... this will keep on growing
till there is enough people to support your own cause through your
network of hardworking individuals devoted for the cause of spreading
Linux.  In this case eventually the need for finances vanishes because
there are enough volunteers.

But again i would say... study your own local needs and choose
appropriate path for spread  of Linux.

TIME: Truely I Mean E.

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