[PLUG] Free Softwares for School

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 08:28:11 IST 2007


> > ZIP software (7-ZIP) 
> Instead of 7-zip, I would recommend ZipGenius
> (downloadable from
> http://www.zipgenius.it/eng/?page_id=10) 
> It has a wider support to open even .rar files. 

7-zip also can open rar files.
Zipgenius is *not* free software. 

> > Chat client
> Are you sure you want to include something like
> this?

Why not ? I don't see any reason for not including
chat clients. Gaim is there. Can be useful to keep in
touch with friends. Or it can be used by teachers.

> > IPMsg
> > Antivirus (ClamWin)
> AVG antivirus Free is also an option. 

AFAIK, AVG antivirus is *not* free software.  

> FSF of India Associate Fellow -
> http://www.gnu.org.in
> http://www.somaiya.edu/sksasc
> ubunturos @ freenode

If I were you, I'll be careful using this signature.

-Devendra Laulkar.

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