[PLUG] Free Softwares for School

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 13:47:52 IST 2007


> > > FSF of India Associate Fellow -
> > > http://www.gnu.org.in
> > If I were you, I'll be careful using this
> signature.
> Though I agree with your view, all that I can say is
> I'm trying to reach what the signature says. Also,
> to
> those who I send emails, have an opportunity to find
> out about Free Software, which I believe is the root
> of all revolution, in the FOSS world. And
> apparently,
> the media image has let people forget about all its
> efforts. 

Lets just step back & see what happened. A person is
asking for freely distributable software for schools
on the Pune *GNU/Linux* Users Mailing List.
People are recommending free software & alternatives
to proprietary software.

Instead of recommending free software, you are doing
exactly opposite - finding proprietary replacements
for free software.

And then you claim to believe in Free Software &
associated with FSF. This is sacrilege !!

-Devendra Laulkar.

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