[PLUG] Weird Output of a C program in Linux

yogesh tillu yogesh_tillu2003 at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jul 18 19:09:05 IST 2007

Aditya Godbole <aag.lists at gmail.com> wrote: On 7/17/07, Pranav Peshwe 

> IMHO, it does send the data to the buffer. Due to the fork, the new
> task(child) gets a copy of the buffer (which already contains the 'Hello
> World!' string). This(fork()) is where the duplication occurs. Further
> printfs in the two tasks lead to flushing of their respective buffers to the
> console. With a '\n' after 'Hello World!', the child would get an empty
> buffer to begin with.

Yeah, thats right. The buffer is filled but not flushed. After the
fork, the entire address space (and hence the buffer) gets replicated
* But I think currently copy on write approach is used for the *implementation of the fork .So entire address space will not get *replicated {previously clone approach was used , so in that *whole  address space gets replicated }
and is flushed after the second the printf in both processes.



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