[PLUG] OpenOffice 2.x Marathi User Guide Launched!!!

Anand Kulkarni kulk_anand at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 27 19:21:12 IST 2007

Dear All,

We are very glad to publish the OpenOffice 2.x Marathi
User Guide. There are 3 PDF files you can download:

1) Word_Processor_2_x_Marathi_Guide_2_0.pdf (For
OpenOffice Writer)
2) Spreadsheet_2_x_Marathi_Guide_2_0.pdf (For
OpenOffice Calc)
3) Presentation_2_x_Marathi_Guide_2_0.pdf (For
OpenOffice Impress)

We had released OpenOffice 1.x Marathi User Guide
around 1 year back. Now we have upgraded to OpenOffice
2.x. You can download the guides from

The credit goes to:

1) Mr. Amit Kadu
2) Mrs. Anagha Bapat
3) Mr. Anand Kulkarni
4) Mrs. Dhanashri Kulkarni
5) Mrs. Jyoti Bochgire
6) Mr. Pankaj Thakre
7) Mrs. Yashaswini Godse

For any query, feel free to revert back.

Warm Regards,

Anand Kulkarni
Sarvangin Vikas Sanstha

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