[PLUG] Detecting if the IP address is duplicated .

Abhijeet Sane abhijit.sane at symphonysv.com
Thu Jun 7 17:31:56 IST 2007

Hi Friends ,

I am writing a program to detect if the IP address that we are assigning 
to a machine / appliance is already assigned to a machine on the network.

I want to know if I can use the ARP protocol to send a REQUEST packet on 
the ether net frame and test for the presence of the machine on the 
network .
My problem is creating the ARP packet . I do not want to use libdnet or 
libpcap but use the standard libc for that .

[ A catch in this ...
The IP stack is not up at this instance.
The only thing is that the network devices are initialized ...
The only this i can use is the LLC stuff.

Any pointer on this will most welcome ( especially code snippets and 
sample code )


Some Reference I found on the Internet / Google


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