[PLUG] Setting up home web server using dataone MT841 modem

kdr lx kdrlx0 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 06:14:16 IST 2007

Dont know if this is solved or not, just thought of throwing it out there.
You wont be able to access your external IP from your machine
directly. Use a free web proxy of some sort to get into your machine
"from the outside".
http://imsosneaky.com is what I use to test stuff. Also I dont think
the IP will remain constant (unless you have such a plan).
You can use many dynamic DNS services. I use www.dyndns.org
Also make sure your iptables rules allow port 80 -- both directions,
not just incoming.


I want to setup a home web-server ( for experimentation ) using a

dataone HOME500 broadband connection. My modem is Huawei MT841 which
is configured to access the web using my ethernet card. I've setup
port-forwarding (external ip port 80 to internal ip port 80) using NAT

entries. The webserver I'm using is apache, the configuration seems
But the trouble is, whenever I try to access my external ip
(http://59.93.??.??) the modem config web page shows up, which in turn

not letting port-forwarding work, i guess.

I tried in both FC 6 (apache 2.2) and Knoppix 5.0 (apache 2.0), with
the same result.

hw specs : P III 550Mhz, 128 MB     ( quite old, but FC 6 runs great ! )

Can someone put in a solution please !

-- Kedar Damle

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