[PLUG] OpenOffice in Government

Anand Kulkarni kulk_anand at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 10 10:48:46 IST 2007


Since the beginning of my entry into the Linux world,
I have been thinking that why government does not
pricipally accept open source softwares.

Migration from windows to linux could be little bit
difficult for computer operators. But I find no reason
for choosing MS-Office in the govt offices and

I have an extreme openion about it. I have been
observing open source communities from last many
years. What I found is that our community is seen just
keen to resolve individual problems. So mostly the IT
students and developers are getting benifited out of
open source community.

I think the major intension behind forming open source
community should be to motivate open source concept in
the weaker section of our society. Do not you think
that? I strongly believe that open source communities
have got lots of social responsibilities. And we must
play major role to accomplish it.

Now the issue about MS-Office and OpenOffice. We
always say that government should accept OpenOffice.
And the government is not willing to accept it. I
think by adopting proprietory softwares, it is a great
loss of public money. And by rule whenever something
is available for free even government can not purchase
the other. In such cases, why can not we force
government to accept OpenOffice?

Can we put the legal petition in the court of law in
the favor of OpenOffice? Can we come together and make
official request to the state government? I think the
time has come to take strong action.

I welcome your openions on the issue about putting
legal petition against usage of MS-Office in the state
government. Please share your comments. 



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