[PLUG] clock shows wrong timing

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Sun Mar 11 09:10:35 IST 2007

On 3/10/07, Rohan Dighe <rsdighe at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> On 3/10/07, ashish b <searchforash0 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> > Hello, I have installed FC6, Suse and windowsXP on my machine. Mostly I aam
> > Fedora currently but it shows wrong timing every time I boot the system. I
> > changed the timing, timezone; but no use.

> if you can start the ntp service at bootup, it would resolve the issue !!

Start NTP if and only if you have a stable internet connection which
starts before you boot the PC. NTP is not recommended for dial-up or
ADSL lines where the user has to dial into the network.

Does your clock work fine in windows or any other OS?


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