[PLUG] Data Card Support under Linux

Dexter dexter at horizontalrings.com
Sat Mar 17 00:27:55 IST 2007

On Fri, 16 Mar 2007 15:55:43 +0530
"G Karunakar" <indlinux at gmail.com> wrote:
> > to keep costs down they ship with FreeDOS.
> > Obviously options are to install Linux or Windows.
> >
> > Has anyone successfully used these datacards under linux ? (I'm interested
> > in ubuntu, but any other distro is OK too)
> >
> tataindicom card (or usb modem - both huawei ) just works well.  card
> will need pcmcia support enabled,  usbmodem needs usbserial module
> enabled.
> wvdial takes both once detected..

> Karunakar

Hi i have tried out the data card (USB) one that comes with reliance (Huwei ec325), it works well in linux, just need to do a modprobe for the stuff in mandrake and slackware, and then it works cool with wvdial ;)

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