[PLUG] Open Office in Government

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 10:16:01 IST 2007

On 3/17/07, Pramukh Pracharak - Grahak Raja Jaga Ho <manoj at grahakraja.org>
> Hello Mr. Anand Kulkarni
> I read your post regarding Open Office in Government Organisations.
> And I fully agree with you that government should not spend public money
> for
> purchasing MS Office Licenses when Open Office is available for free.
> We are running a Non Government Organisation 'Grahak Raja Jaga Ho' working
> in the field of consumer awareness & awareness about Right to Information
> Act.
> 'Grahak Raja Jaha Ho' is ready to take your issue seriously & I find
> following plan to force government organisations to use Open Office.
> 1) To get all  information about funds spend for purchasing MS Office
> Licenses during the financial year 2006-2007.
>     We can get this information by using Right to Information Act 2005. To
> start with we can collect the information from Pune District.
> 2) We can compile a report about funds spend on MS Office Licenses by
> different Government Organisation from Pune District. And I am sure the
> figure will touch at least 1 Crore.
> 3) We will get the report published in all News Papers / News Channels.
> This
> will help us to gather MASS support.
> 4) We can file a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) asking Why Government is
> spending Crores of rupees on MS Office Licenses when Open Office is
> available for free.
> Thanks with Regards
> Manoj Ovhal
> Pramukh Pracharak
> "Grahak Raja Jaga Ho"
> URL : http://www.grahakraja.org
> I welcome your plan and support it.  Please feel free to contact me
(off-list) if you need any kind of help in this endeavour.  Next step, of
course, introduce Edubuntu in schools!

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