[PLUG] Ubuntu edgy

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 11:52:24 IST 2007

Hello to all,
In recent times I don't see any talk about distros.
Nobody posts any install experiences.

Let it be.

     I have been unable to install Ubuntu edgy for some time.
The problem arises due to PCI graphics being not properly
configured in Ubuntu. Dapper had same problem but it
used to attempt to start a X session and then gracefully
offer a text prompt from where most things become easy.
This is not so since edgy.
     I tried attaching the VGA cable to my onboard i810 port.
But there is no output to monitor till I pull out the PCI
graphic card.
     I have used both Ubuntu 6.10 CD and Kubuntu 6.10 DVD.
Same experience. Later I have installed Kubuntu using
my i810 graphics. It was a very insipid experience. It is
not at all like Ubuntu dapper...very dull and unattractive.
Using above scenario installed Ubuntu edgy ...installed
Nvidia drivers made necessary changes to xorg.cong
and booted in to a beautiful desktop. Restarted and
booted FC6 and installed its grub which is far nicer.
     My Kubuntu install did not have Firefox to start with.
The DVD does help as most of the software is there.
     Happy PADVA to all.

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