[PLUG] Re: [geep_linux] Re: [Announce] KGit a git frontend (url fix)

Abhijit Bhopatkar bainonline at gmail.com
Wed May 16 16:48:38 IST 2007

> Abhijit,
>  That's a cool package! It's high time we move to graphical frontends for
>  kernel development. git, though is functionally complete, has a significant
>  learning curve.

Well currently its designed to be just a supplement to git  and not
really a standalone UI.
Created originally to mainly assist in an internal workflow in my
company, so i do not currently have any plans to add bells and whistle
at this time.

Having said that i am open for contributions.

>  Is there a way or plan of integrating this into KDevelop?

No. this is not even open for contributions. Two reasons
1. I hate too much integration/duplication, kdevelop already has an
interface to version controls somebody should just extend that to git.

2. KDE devel is right now in a transition state and nobody is sure
about how plasma (next KDE) is going to look like. KDevelop also being
under heavy change tracking plasma, is something i am staying away
from development wise for a while.

>  Why don't you post this info to lkml? I am sure a lot of folks there will
>  appreciate it a lot.

Not really, its useless for kernel folks won't handle more than 100
commits. i also don't want to prematurely get thousands of bug
reports. The code really sucks, and will need major rework before it
can handle kernel stuff.
Currently its only useful for small projects.

I _am_ planning on posting to git-devel though

>  -Amit

Thanks for you interest

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