[PLUG] Re: [geep_linux] Re: [Announce] KGit a git frontend (url fix)

Abhijit Bhopatkar bainonline at gmail.com
Wed May 16 18:17:51 IST 2007

> Having gone through this initial bootstrap phase for the kgdb project
> back in 
> 2000 and then maintained  it since then (kgdb.sourceforge.net
> originally, now 
> at kgdb.linsyssoft.com); here are a few suggestions. This isn't
> necessarily 
> specific to KGit. If someone plans to develop and maintain some other 
> tool/package, the same applies.

Excellent write up...
although  only partially applicable to kgit.
please see below for reasons and my two paisa added

> 1. You are unlikely to get attention of a more than 10-15 persons in
> the first 
> month, let alone thousands of bug reports

:)) i only said thousands of bug reports out of frustration :p cause i
already have couple of people complaining about the performance on linux
kernel tree. Anyway LKML is a wrong audience for this project and i am
glad i didn't post there.

> 2. You'll most likely get bug reports at times when you're too busy
> with your
> (paying) job. The best policy in this case is to assure a fix to the
> person 
> who reports it. It's ok if you do the fix after 3-6 months. Do inform
> him 
> about the fix immediately after you finish and post it. The reporter
> will 
> appreciate your response a lot and will remember you.

Quite frankly i don't care... kgit is a result of an week end hack out
of frustration in selecting files for git-commit. I did not plan this
project out and uploaded only cause i felt its already useful to at
least one more soul out there.

> 3. Keep posting to a mailing list where you'll find people with
> possible 
> interest. LKML is a good place in your case. People don't mind unless
> you 
> post too many updates. 1 per month is good enough.

Well LKML still isn't the place for kgit right now.

> 4. When posting updates or progress reports, don't ask people to go to
> some 
> website and read them. Instead write a short summary which can be read
> in 
> less than 1 minute.
> 5. About 6 months down the line and after 4-5 updates, you'll
> generate 
> interest from about 100 to 200 listeners/viewers and 5-10 users.
> 6. Most likely timeframe for contributions from other people is 1 year
> down 
> the line when they're confident that their contributions won't go
> waste. To 
> build this confidence, you'll need to keep posting updates. That's all
> you 
> need to do other than saying that you're open to contributions. This
> isn't as 
> difficult as it may sound.
> 7. About 2 years down the line, you'll reach a stage where you'll be
> known by 
> your work to anyone who's in the intended audience. While this
> timeframe may 
> appear too long; believe me when it happens, the pleasure of
> experiencing it 
> is worth 10 years of efforts :
All these are excellent tips if one is looking for fame, not that its a
bad thing to look for. 

My prediction is that kgit will  remain a small niche tool used by few
(quite possibly only my team) till somebody writes an alternative and i
switch to it.

Thanks again ...

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