[PLUG] OT: Anybody getting spam of HR kind ?

Chetan Kumar chetanku at gmail.com
Sat May 19 17:25:24 IST 2007

Hi all
This is about phenomenon I observed since about 1600 this afternoon. I
got almost 2 dozen emails on this address of the following kind
1. About job (from HR of some companies) or bounced from administrator
saying "cannot deliver"
2. Contents make it seem as if I submitted my resume online to
different companies ( ~12 ) and there are issues with delivery
3. One message says "Job interview" thanking me for submitting my
resume. It follows with a list of jobs available with this company.
Has a new way of marking jobs come in the heads of HR consultants? Or
somebody is submitting my e-mail address to different companies? But
the question is "why me" ??? Would be interesting to see if I am the
chosen one ;-)

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