[PLUG] dell 1390 wireless with mandriva..

sameer bivalkar sameerbivalkar at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 18:28:11 IST 2007

I have a d600 and i used mandriva 2007 & now 2007.1

to use the ndiswrapper you need to get win2000 driver
(.inf) file for the wireless card. for some reason
winxp driver doesnt work...

ndiswrapper is not the best solution but for now will
do the trick...

--- ॐ <guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks but ...
> I want to use it Mandriva 2007.  I am unable to use
> it even with
> ndiswrapper that came with distribution.  I got
> barenobe laptop on
> which I installed Mandriva so I am just wondering if
> I need to first
> write firmware to the card.  One site mentions that
> firmware needs to
> be first written to the chip before one can use the
> wireless card.
> Kernel is 2.6.17-5 that ships with Mandriva.
> I did not find bcm43xx module loaded.  Ndiswrapper
> got installed
> during system install.  Ubuntu would be good but I
> am on Mandriva for
> a reason that everything except wireless seems to
> work alright out of
> the box. Do not want to switch only for this reason.
> Laptop is Dell inspiron 1501.  Oh..., I got modem to
> work since it has
> connexant chipset.  If I can get wireless to work
> that would be like
> 100% self satisfaction guaranteed :-)
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