[PLUG] Video extraction tools ?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed May 23 23:33:31 IST 2007

> out of which I need to extract some relevant video + audio content.
cinelerra if you are interested in GUI based tool.

GUI helps make a precise selection of starting/ending point  interactively.

It has its own downsides though: it is slow as it converts the video to raw 
form. Occupies a lot of disk space. Has stability issues etc. But within these 
limits it works well for specific tasks.

I'd suggest a combination of command line (mplayer/ffmpeg) and GUI tool:
Use command line one to get a small piece of the video with approximately 
specified end points and then do a finer job if you need with GUI tool like 

I used this once to rip songs from a VCD where the selection of end points had 
to be very precise.


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