[PLUG] [OT] S-Video to Composite adapter cable

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sat May 26 10:55:16 IST 2007

I am looking for an adapter cable to connect S Video out of laptop to 
Composite video in of TV.

I have figured out (by inserting wires in video out and connecting manually to 
TV's RCA jack etc) that there is no composite signal readily available in the 
S-Video out of the laptop. The luminance and chroma are available separately. 
If I just short these two I get the correct picture on TV.

From web search I figure out that a simple capacitor coupling is required 
between these two signals to get composite video out. Hence what it requires 
is not just cable but an adapter with a small circuit built in.

There are a no of S-Video to RCA cables in the market and on ebay etc. which 
are without such circuit and are obviously not going to work.

It's painfully surprising to not find such a cable/adapter after going through 
many shops in Pune and on the net. Would appreciate pointers on this if 
anyone can provide.


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