[PLUG] dell 1390 wireless with mandriva..

guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Sat May 26 11:04:59 IST 2007

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> May the Source be with you.

Ya....hoo!!   (Ooops) Gooooooogle!!!  wifi is up and I can see other
networks although the signal is weak.

Now the story!!!
Nothing seemed to work even after doing "essid" and "nickname"  SO I
presses wifi button (hardly a button, because it's "Fn+F2")  and still
nothing worked so I said to myself let me try scanning...

$iwlist wlan0 scan

did the trick.  However this never worked earlier so the credit really
goes to you and everybody on PLUG, all those, who tried to help...

Now wifi light is always ON!

Perhaps I still need to play with WPA_supplicant packages I installed
yesterday... but I am as happy I can be just knowing that I am meters
away rather than being kilometers away from using wifi.

But first I need to understand what everything means!
Have you seen lucent license yet?  The one under which PlanIX is
released... it's fun!

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