[PLUG] Tata Indicom Broadband with WRT54G

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Mon May 28 00:32:59 IST 2007

> > What plan have u subscribed to? I am using Tata indicom broadband over
> > the WRT45G right now to compose this mail!!

I envy that...!
Please read the details below and let me know if my setup is similar to yours.

> AFAIK, for Metro Ethernet connection, tata indicom provide static
> (public?) IP. One just needs to configure it. If MAC is also checked,
> you can us 'clone MAC' feature available in WRT54G (v5)

Don't recollect the plan name. But this is not an unlimited plan. They didn't 
provide a static IP and I don't think they do for limited plans.

Connection just works fine using DHCP IP address from my desktop. I have been 
using it for over a year now.

Secondly in metro ethernet type connection they do not provide a router at 
your place. So WRT54G is not a router for router replacement. There was no 
router at all at my end and now it comes into picture.

(Some observations I made when I figured out the ACNAME issue:
Just describes some details of my connection and what I find missing when the 
router comes in between.

It had taken some struggle to get the connection work earlier. It turns out 
that ACNAME (Access Concentrator) must be set to VSNL_PUNEBRAS00 in the 
network settings for the connection to work.

Try pppoe-discovery. It shows 2 AC names. One is the above one and the other 
is some junk looking word. Since there are more than one ACs, one needs to 
specify this one explicitly. Otherwise it tries connecting to one of them 
randomly. Somehow the other one gets selected more often and rejects the 
connection. Since it is random, even the correct AC gets selected sometimes. 
One may have to wait anywhere between 2s to 2hrs for that to happen. 
Specifying ACNAME explicitly solves the problem.)


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