[PLUG] Tata Indicom Broadband with WRT54G

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Tue May 29 20:00:10 IST 2007

> > So it's clear that VSNL having crapest of crap network maintainers till
> > now, IIRC year back or so, same report from a VSNL DSL user popped on
> > rp-pppoe list and of course solution that was suggested to him was to
> > either push his ISP to fix this way of stupid setup or either keep using
> > ACNAME hack.

> I have been using TATA for over two years now and am 100% satified
> with them. Least downtime, timely service if required.
> Only ofcourse like all ISP's across the globe they also do not have a
> technical know how abt configuring the line on any other OS other than
> windoze!!!

I agree. I have been by and large happy with speeds, uptime etc for over a 
year - though I do find this ACNAME issue very frustrating after I bought a 

I wasn't so happy with the customer service people. You feel like talking to a 
machine and at times have to act as if you are following all their 
instructions such as unplug the card and place it back, click on xyz icon and 
what not! If you don't, the conversation would just get stuck there. And if 
you say Linux it will just end!

But we can't really get people with networking knowhow on the line. I'm sure 
it will be hard to get answers to above class of queries from any ISP's 
customer service.


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