[PLUG] Please sign the petition against Microsoft's Office OpenXML becoming an ISO standard

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 23:08:22 IST 2007

Actually I think we need not worry much about M$, because they will
dig their own resting place as the time passes... for all we know they
may have started in that direction with launch of Vista...

I noticed another thing recently there are bunch of people who are
stuck in the cold with nobody being help them because they are using
something called M$ Publisher :-)

That's when I noticed that it is best left to them to do that theirs
acts and drama while sensible people quietly work on better and nicer
things like improving performance of Linux (just for e.g.)  on given
hardware platform.

Little bit on technical ramblings here (hopefully tolerable)....

Once a gentleman (an instructor) told me a simple formula for getting
(giving) nice grade... in programming examination...

Steps are like this...

1. Define output expected (expected output) ...
2. Check everybody's program... if it meets the requirement of
expected output then they get passing grade
3. Count number of lines of actual code (excluding comments) in the
working program submitted and person whose code has minimum number of
lines gets highest grade...

I have thought about this for quite a while and sincerely think this
is a very nice formula even to evaluate or compare... our own
selves... while coding

I think some of us who are good at coding may work on finding out ways
to make code compact and sharpening their own arsenal..

and finally hopefully nobody will flame me for this without changing
the subject line...

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