[PLUG] Please sign the petition against Microsoft's Office OpenXML becoming an ISO standard

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 23:24:46 IST 2007

Actually in my earlier mail i went off a bit..  Sorry if I hurt any
feeble heart in the process...

Here is what I sincerely feel will keep M$ off for most things...
everybody involved with Linux making whatever efforts they can to
increase the number of Linux desktops. While actual developers of
Linux keep their focus on servers.  This is a bit tricky statement but
hey, if wishes were horses, I could run ferrari with  them... :-)

As more and more people start using Linux for desktops they will
realise what means by technology lock-in as they switch to equivalent
Open Source applications and open formats...

They key is having good apps even if that means for some of those
applications we don't have direct ability to save in proprietary

People are already realising the value of open source applications and
**operating** system. I already know of few examples of senior persons
(key decision makers) thinking about eventually giving up on Windows
and making migration to something like Linux :-) for their desktop...

*Patience is the key (which i think, most of us may not have much)*

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