[PLUG] Please help me complete my social calendar

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 12:06:12 IST 2007

Being member of a lot of LUG mailing lists I do not see such spams in 
other lists.   The PLUG list seems prone to such spams due to users 
giving access to their address book when they sign up for services.

Before you give your userid/passwords and/or address books to such 
providers please **think** thru what you are doing.  Please respect the 
privacy of individuals/organizations in your address book(s)!

As a side note, I am sure other LUG lists have such members but then how 
do the list servers handle such spams due to the indiscretion of their 

On Wednesday 31 Oct 2007, Sachin Upare wrote:
> Dear Plug-mail,
> I'm putting together my social calendar at Luvup.com.
> Could you please click on the link below and complete your data for
> me?
> http://luvup.com/f.php?u=197931&ufid=5839401&uf=plug-mail@plug.org.in
> Thanks for your help!
> Sachin Upare

-- Arun Khan

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