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Thu Nov 8 14:19:39 IST 2007

thought of writing new thread for everything below and attempting to
be as objective as I can become... please ignore if you sincerely feel
this is a waste of bandwidth or resources (I am already paying my
telephone bill for writing this from gmail)

One of the very powerful considerations for any new development should
be a credit or some rating which defines how best the new developed
product utilizes existing infrastructure or resources...  it will
really also reduce the load on patent office.  Otherwise we will have
10,000 patents for every thread on a screw!

These ideas are probably not new but rewritten here in the hope that
people using this list for learning (including *this) will attempt to
think and utilize it somewhere... wherever there is an opportunity..

There is this another important aspect... about software patents
instead of opposing patents outright one could argue out to raise the
definitions of software patents while still maintaining the spirit of
sharing... think of how to modify what is existing instead of opposing
if it already exists.. in some form.  Why just oppose software patents
and not oppose other patents?

Think of process patent instead of product patents.. that is how it is
in India.  The patent problem is serious where there are product
patents... it kills innovation... while process patents allows one to
think of arriving at the same point using some other method...

As Gandhiji once said (it could have been shakespere too), how you do
something is equally important as what you do...  And Lincoln in his
famous letter his son's headmaster said .... what? :-)

One of the Plug member has a thought provoking article on
http://www.bindhast.com (hope it is still there) about morality of
career choices which could be helpful to newbies in making career


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