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Fri Nov 9 18:19:45 IST 2007

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ಓಂ wrote:
> I was trying to find a single simple *word* used for baby penguins.
> So i gave a background information sort of preamble to why i was
> asking that question.  How can i be responsible for what people take
> that information for?


Firstly, may I suggest you visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penguins
for information. There are enough and more links at the bottom of the
page you can follow to get the required information.

And INCASE you do not get the required information, may I request you to

_*Animal Planet*_


_*National Geographic*_ (askngs at nationalgeographic.com).

THEY are the RIGHT people to answer your queries.

> The question i faced was in the process of converting a possible
> windows installation to a Linux installation in Pune.  So I was
> generally seeking help on Pune Linux Users Group (not honolulu :-)
> LUG.  However I am not giving that as an excuse here.

I suppose people on the list are not interested in preambles and
background information!!

If you were trying to convert a windoze user to linux and needed help
there, I suggest you asking questions directly instead of beating around
the bush.

> if a simple question asking information like this can start a
> religious war then either  religion (whichever that religion maybe) is
> not mature, and is fickle or at-least war mongerrors have not
> understood their religion well.

You asked the wrong question on this list. I suppose you know very well
about that.

> Another question ... why do people involved generally try to have
> Mascots that can be related in the real world?

I suppose you have not read enough to know why a TUX was put up as a
Mascot by Mr. Linus!!

Sir, I also sincerely suggest to end this topic here.
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