[PLUG] installed application disappears !!!

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Sun Nov 18 13:53:12 IST 2007

Chetan Kumar wrote:
> PLUG people
> On a machine running Mandriva 2007 I had installed gaim and was happy
> till I discovered
> that it is no longer there !!!! Nobody could have uninstalled it. It
> just disappeared !!! I used
> it some time before discovering this fact. Need to do some detective
> work to get to the root
> of the matter (ignore the unintended pun please).
> The machine is connected to the internet through a BSNL broadband
> connection. There
> were changes made yesterday in the morning with opedns IP addresses
> replacing BSNL
> ones in the resolv.conf. Another change was installation of maradns in
> the meantime.
> I do not believe in ghosts.

Gaim recently changed it's name to Pidgin due to a trademark hassle from 
AOL. Mandriva might have obsoleted Gaim in favor of Pidgin. Check if 
it's there.


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