[PLUG] HCL laptop?

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:14:36 IST 2007

With a remarkable common factor for all FreeDOS loaded laptop or one
without OS preloaded are all are AMD CPUs. .. that speaks for how
tightly commercial organizations are interweaved into their own sales

Sure would post my results when done...

On a different topic we get benefited by following facts:
Another thing to frankly mention is in my last few years of work
machines with AMD CPUs have never given me any trouble while those
with Intel have sometimes caused problems.  Either due to CPU or other

Few weeks back I (and someone else) were running AMD 5600+ (or was it
6500+) CPU running with all things running benchmark tests and
performance matrix  and CPU temperature did not go above 20 (or was it
24) degrees C or something like that... which was indeed cool for
me... the temperatures of all important peripherals do matter when
looking at your box in the long run...

Try all those things with Intel CPUs and one will know the difference.
 I would be glad to have such comparison done by some third party
here.  Than relying on my sources. (Considering I would be biased
towards my own beliefs)

This doesn't mean anything more than what I have mentioned above.

And yes, I do not want anybody else to preload Linux for me since I
would follow a certain partitioning practice (as recommended in some
"Openna" doc as good practices..)

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