[PLUG] Firefox behaviour...indic language related

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 17:03:57 IST 2007

Though both marathi and hindi use devanagari lipi (script) there are
differences in the character sets of both... hence Hindi can't handle
marathi in 100% of the cases, so is the case in case of Hindi.  Hindi
can not be fully covered by Marathi..

I kind of assume that there may be similar issues with Bengali being
used for Assamese also..  i have seen lot of different opinions among
people when I travelled to kolkata (back then Calcutta), I had friends
from NE states (with whom I have lost touch now..) who shared rich
information about traditions and culture there and i learnt about few
minute difference in the culture despite things may looks similar.

Never had a luck to visit Assam yet, but have heard very nice things
from those freinds.

Yep... i have travelled as far as central Tripura (Kumarghat) to be
specific (i do not know if it necessary to give that as a requirement
to speak for one's liking anyway..)

So I have interests in almost every human language .. not just one of
them... Hope nobody would have problems with that ...

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