[PLUG] [x-post] foss events list in india 2008?

Linux Lingam linuxlingam at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 16:54:29 IST 2007

dear all,

am googling since two days, can't find a complete and/or comprehensive
list of foss or foss-related events scheduled for 2008.

i know the number of events are growing. we have:

2.OSSCamps, and similar
3.CII-partnered events,
4.leading national events
5.LUG-created regional events
6.academia/college events
7.commercial events

but where's the list. or of tentative schedules. for example, some
random excess:

a) openitis.com mentions foss.in in december, and an event in florida.
wow! but no mention of their own event in delhi in feb 2k8.

b) neither does the other site mention this:

c) gnunify does not mention its tentative or finalized schedules on
its site or wiki:

d) the freed.in banner or site does not mention the tentative schedule
for feb-end 2008.

e) NRCFOSS website's forthcoming events sections mentions events past,
dead, and gone:
would expect more constructive effort from nrcfoss

f) ilug-d website, after it re-directs, mentions events held in sep07.

g) fsf website has no link on their homepage to events at all:

h) CII ICT section has no list

i) PLUG site mentions no list of events in india

j) redhat's events page spouts forth an error 404

k) all the colleges and academia across india which love to sport foss
events, can't find 'em either.

why list our schedules?
we can better coordinate our events with no overlap. for example,
pune's mashup overlapped with mumbai's IIT weekend event. freed.in
just skirted overlapping with linuxasia2008 thanks to a random phone

2. we can better use resources, since freed.in and pune's event, show
how different regional communities can come together to collaborate on
events. speakers, especially international speakers, could get to see
our sub-continent on a discount while event-hopping :-)

3. our community has become too big and diverse to be addressed by
just one event, or two. ;-)

4. <placeholder for more>

so resolution:
as a community, where do you figure we create a wiki, twiki, or
similar site, where we encourage everyone to publish their final or
tentative event schedules?

over to you guys.


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