[PLUG] [x-post] foss events list in india 2008?

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 17:53:55 IST 2007

This is not intended to start a flame... just trying to share some views...
Your suggestion will have it's own set of ownership problems and
communication barriers...

As usual wherever possible it's best to leave the choices of such
things in the hands of people who actually run the show in those
places... if things don't work you can always use fork... from a known
reference point...

Centralized control system of any kind has it's own set of problems
starting with *ego* of an individual or a body which makes decision...
mildly put... they have situation which can not be easily understood
by a person who has no ground level knowledge of the local problems...

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