[PLUG] [OT]Learning HTML and PHP

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 18:29:21 IST 2007


> I am looking for an open-source web-based phonebook
> tool. I had posted a query on this list about it
> some time back. 

Even I am looking for a simple web-based phonebook. I
wanted a online phone book because there is too much
of diverse sources of lists that I have - both
offline(phone-diary) and online(multiple mobiles,
spreadsheets). LDAP seems to be way too complicated to
understand and implement.

>So I was thinking
> of downloading one of the tools and update one of
> them to suit my requirements. Most of these tools
> seem to based on php and mysql. 

I have basic knowledge of LAMP, maybe we can take this
up offline. 

-Devendra Laulkar.

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