[PLUG] Setting up a mailing list (server)

Shakthi Kannan shakthimaan at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 2 13:39:12 IST 2007


--- Aneesh Mulye <aneesh.mulye at gmail.com> wrote:
| However, there is still a problem. I don't have a
| domain name. I do,
| however, have a static IP address. In such a
| situation, will a MTA
| like exim4 or sendmail be able to send and receive
| mail?

You can still run an Intranet mailing list server with
your Intranet domain name. But, if you really need to
make the mailing list available to the public, you
will need a public domain name and IP address.

| I'll try to get a domain name, but I'd like to know
| if it is possible
| to run a mailing list off a static IP. 

Static IP just makes it easier.

| I apologise if my questions sound amateurish, 

You don't need to apologise. I just answer to the



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