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This is an interesting call by the Pune Open Solaris User Group.

-- Sriram

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Subject: [ug-posug] Colleges having Open Solaris user groups.
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Hi All,

Is there any college in Pune which has its own open solaris user group?
if yes, please send me the URL of there webpage on OpenSolaris.org.
If any college is running a user group and dosnt have a URL, please
let me know.
We are planning to create Webpages for institutions having open
solaris user-goups.

Also,  please try to discuss problems, issues, doubts on ug-posug
mailing thread for two reasons:

1. More people will liten to your questions and try to answer it.
2. your thoughts will reach wider audience .

Also, please let me know about the leaders of user groups in each colleges.
We are planning to have a meeting of all [campus]-user-group leaders.

Please reply asap.


(PS: Forward this mail to the people who are not in "posug" )
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