[PLUG] Interesting ...

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 11:01:37 IST 2007

Much of what follows is probably going to be OT, but then it may
become a separate thread so I am taking a risk...

I do not agree with your viewpoint fully...

Let's take example... (of course OT) Nokia low end handsets have
better or much support for indic languages than high end phones...  So
if anything is going to be done then it should be done by enabling
indic languages fully on existing distro for the endusers and not
worrying about applications availability.  Applications and everything
else will get developed because sheer numbers of users wanting and
using those languages will push it to necessary level of localization.

Being (so assumed) highly educated I also have a disadvantage of not
being fully conversational and knowlegeable about enough indic words
to check whether it would be all right to use those words for menus

If I was to give my opinion about SVS.org.in (without causing any
arguments on the matter though they are welcome, myself not being
directly involved yet with them) what they are doing is probably a
correct course of action... enabling much needed local apps for indic
languages... that will correctly push the things.

How many of us who talk about indic enabling actually ask for indic
enbled phones/devices when they actually have to make a decision to
buy new tool/instrument.  I am sure the common man does not make those
compromises that we educated people tend to make so easily.

So what i feel is each of us (atleast those who care) has to make a
conscious choice of pushing this indic enabling further...

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